Our Governing Body



Prof. Dr. Hosne-Ara Begum (Ashoka Fellow & PHF), Executive Director, TMSS


Mohammed Khairul Islam, Consultant (TMSS-ICT) & EX Deputy Executive Director (DED)-1, TMSS


Md. Abul Kasem, Ex-Deputy Governor, Bangladesh Bank; Consultant (Banking Training), TMSS


Md. Abdul Qader, Deputy Executive Director (DED)-1, TMSS


Dr. Md. Motiur Rahman, Deputy Executive Director (DED) -2, TMSS


Ayesha Begum, Treasurer, TMSS

Member Secretary

Nigar Sultana, Director (TMSS ICT), TMSS

Chairman Massage


Prof. Dr. Hosne-Ara Begum
(Ashoka Fellow & PHF)
Executive Director, TMSS and
Chairman, TCFMT

TMSS is a national NGO working across Bangladesh focusing on rural development, women empowerment, conservation of environment, employable skill development through training and capacity building; also providing services for wage earners’ remittance to doorsteps of beneficiaries. International development partners, Government agencies of Bangladesh, donors, other stakeholders have entrusted their confidence in TMSS. The support and guidance of the stakeholders is best asset for us. Though we started from a remote village of Bogra, now TMSS is visible in every recess and corner of the country.
We are partnering with different donors, government agencies, networks to contribute in the growth and development agenda for the country. The central theme of our activities is to enhance dignity and opportunities for women in family and in the Bangladeshi society.
TMSS is expanding its scope of work to cope with market demand, achieving viability, transforming human resources into human capital for enabling them to become active participant in the nation building endeavors. Professionally trained people not only secure their future but also contribute in the national economy.
In addition to our efforts in local capacity building in the ICT sector, we have expanded capacity building training into the financial sector to enable the human resources in the financial sector progressing a new height of skills through state-of-art training modules and facilities. The training modules included in this brochure convey a testimony of our ability to deliver such top-notch world class training. Our ICT training experts also conduct customized training courses to fit with any especial need of any organization. The enthusiastic responses by the CEOs; trainers, guest speakers and most importantly the training participants lead us to further improve our training courses and facilities to meet the ever growing challenges.
We humbly solicit any suggestions and guidance from our well-wishers in accomplishing our goals.