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TMSS-ICT limited is a young leading edge Information Technology company, well known in the ICT community for excellence in ICT training deliveries, ERP solutions, troubleshooting and in-house capacity building for the clients. In addition, It offers customers web-based and stands- alone PC-based and ERP software even mobile application development and automation systems including server maintenance. More >>

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Prof. Dr. Hosne-Ara Begum (Ashoka Fellow & PHF), Executive Director, TMSS
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Banking IT Training

TCFMT is offering training courses to bank officials on certain topics at a very limited scale. It is an humble endeavor indeed. However, after receiving very enthusiastic comments and suggestions from the participants the scope of of the training offers are being increased. More >>


Microfinance is often defined as financial services for poor and low-income clients offered by different types of service providers especially the NGOs. The term is often used more narrowly to refer to loans and other services from providers that identify themselves as “microfinance institutions” (MFIs). More >>

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An interactive, smooth and easy to access website can hold audience longer than a complicated code stuffed non creative website. For every website good numbers of customer traffic is the main object and each minute visitors stay on the website counts, it means the longer visitors stay the more it causes good rank for the […]

Uniliver Healing Project Launching at Bijoynagar

In partnership with Direct Relief, The Vaseline® Healing Project is an aid effort to provide dermatological care, Vaseline® products & medical supplies, and skin health training needed to help heal the skin of people affected by poverty or emergencies around the world. Why do we do this? While issues such as lack of food, water […]

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Mohammed Khairul Islam
Consultant (TMSS-ICT)
Md. Abul Qashem
Consultant (Banking)
Nigar Sultana
Director (TMSS-ICT)